Was your business affected by the current economy?


Fortunately, the commercial insurance policy you’ve been paying for may cover the financial losses associated with the disease.

Even if you believe your policy contains an exclusion or limit, the laws are evolving, and so are the attitudes of courts and juries.

You could still recover from your financial losses.


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Support for businesses impacted by the economic downturn

These times are brand new territory. Never before has a disease and disruption impacted our global economy so severely, and across so many industries.

As governments impose isolation measures to contain the outbreak, workers and customers have stayed in their homes for weeks or even months.

Businesses small and large are struggling to stay afloat, hemorrhaging funds with every day that passes.

Business owners are feeling helpless and hopeless, fearing everything they’ve worked so hard for will slip away.

Fortunately, the commercial insurance policy you’ve been paying for may cover the financial losses associated with this situation.


Together, we can help you weather this storm.

Was your business interruption claim denied?

Even if you have filed a claim and been rejected, you have a chance:

Several states are debating legislation to force insurance companies to cover this crisis’ business-related losses, regardless of pre-existing exclusions or vague wording in their policies.

Help Is Here.

These times have wrought havoc and hardship across many industries. Operations are severely disrupted – or stopped entirely – due to circumstances beyond your control.

But you and your business can survive this global disaster. If your commercial insurance policy featured business interruption loss coverage, there’s hope. They may be required to cover you.

When going over your policy’s fine print to determine what coverage may be available, it’s crucial to consult an attorney. A skilled business interruption loss lawyer can help you bounce back from catastrophic loss.

Even if you believe your policy contains an exclusion or limit, the laws are evolving, and so are the attitudes of courts and juries. You could still recover from your financial losses.

How can you know for sure? Only with a thorough review of your commercial insurance policy by a seasoned attorney.

Let us
be your

Is this disease covered by business interruption insurance?

To get compensated, you’ll need a thorough understanding of your policy – and no one understands your options better than we do.

Some aspects of your commercial insurance policy that may help during the pandemic include:

Civil authority clauses

These clauses in policies cover shutdowns mandated by state or local governments in response to nearby disasters. If you have been prevented from accessing your business by a civil authority, or if your business was impacted by “stay at home” orders or curfews, you may be entitled to compensation. Civil authority coverage generally does not require physical damage to a policyholder’s property. A lawyer can review your state’s local orders for more clarity.

Extra expense coverage

This exists to cover necessary expenses you face during the “period of restoration” after damage to your business occurs. This coverage aims to avoid or minimize the “suspension” of your business and let you continue operations. Losses that may be covered could include additional security or cleaning services, disinfectants, advertising costs to share new hours or reopenings, and relocation costs or expenses related to setting up home offices for your employees.

Business income coverage

This can compensate you for lost income due to the suspension of your operations. The suspension must be caused by direct physical loss of or damage to property at your company’s premises.

Business interruption coverage

Applies if your company is shut down after suffering physical damage during a natural disaster. You can be compensated for basic operating expenses, taxes, payroll, and loan payments.

The problem facing many policyholders is that they’re required to show physical loss or damages in order to make a claim for business interruption.

Though you may think that a virus does not have clear physical effects to your business or building, “physical loss or damage” has been defined as “any impact on property which prevents the property from being used for its intended purpose,” which can include contamination of bacteria. Favorable settlement precedents exist in cases regarding E. coli bacteria.

In the United States, lawsuits have already been filed against insurers that refused to pay business interruption claims.

Stand up for what you deserve.

These are uncertain times for all of us. No one should have to worry how they’ll keep food on the table or a roof over their heads, but for many business owners, that’s the reality they now face.

You’ve paid your commercial insurance premiums on time for years – where are they now, when you need them most?

Let us be your lifeline.

A dedicated lawyer can help you get the maximum benefit from your existing commercial insurance policy during these turbulent times.

Insurance policies and their terms can be convoluted and confusing for even the most savvy business owners. In the coming months, panicked insurance companies will try to twist their way out of coronavirus-related claims. 

That’s why you need a dedicated attorney on your side who not only knows your rights, but protects them.

Losses due to these times can be huge, pervasive, and hard to quantify. Be sure to keep records of losses and expenses whenever possible. An attorney can help you with this, and documenting strong proof will help streamline the insurance claim process.

If you don’t act now, you and your business may never recover.


In times like these, you need answers.

Don’t wait to ask for help for you and your business.

Contact a Business Interruption Insurance Attorney.

For over 20 years, we’ve secured life-changing insurance claim settlements for our clients.

Now the clock is ticking.

If your business has suffered financial hardship as a result of these difficult times, contact us today to be connected with a business interruption insurance attorney. 

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There’s no risk and no obligation – just free legal advice. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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